Book Review - The Tinkerers Guide To The micro:bit Galaxy

Book Review - The Tinkerers Guide To The micro:bit Galaxy

Kerry Kidd
Kerry Kidd

Learn, code and create with the BBC micro:bit and its galaxy of connectable components

front cover of the book

The tinkerers guide to the micro:bit galaxy is comprised of 20+ projects to get children interested in coding and using electronics.

This book starts at the beginning of any micro:bit journey by taking you through the basics of getting up and running with the micro:bit MakeCode editor. Then moving on to the built-in features of the micro:bit before moving on to integrating other electronics.

One thing I really like about this book is within the Hello World chapter gives a breakdown of the electronics that you will need to complete each chapter.

Here is a quick demo from Chapter 4:

Using Variables demo

The projects are very easy to read and understand with the book being in full colour it makes it easy to follow the MakeCode very easy as the blocks are colour coded, which we would not see if the book was printed in black and white.

Every chapter of the book gets that little bit more complicated with the addition of electronics and breakout boards, but it is a great book for anyone getting started with their micro:bit journey.

I would highly recommend this book. I've really enjoyed reading through the projects and trying a few out myself. This book is great for any budding coder that wants to get started with the micro:bit and electronics.

You can also buy the Tinker Kit at £42 to go along with the book alternatively you can buy the components separately from your favourite maker shops or eBay.

Tinker Kit

Where to Buy

The book is available from buy the book for £15
The Tinker Kit is available from Tinker Kit for £42

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