micro:bit beginners kit of programmable building blocks

micro:bit beginners kit of programmable building blocks

Kerry Kidd
Kerry Kidd

Using micro:bit beginners kit of programmable building blocks you will learn programming, electronics, robotics and many more.

SB Components

We all love to play, don't we! No matter the age... :)

We are also the techie generation for the STEM basics. (Psst... It's alright if you are new to this, you can still read the story ahead).

So, we at SB Components came out with a concept where we decided to give the pleasure of both programming and playing, together. After all:

We wanted to design and develop something that can help anyone (technical or non-technical) explore their vision of creating something cool while on the play! And this was made even better by introducing the popular microcontroller BBC micro:bit board.

We Present To You The Stem:Bit!

An easy to assemble and play with blocks kit for micro:bit. Yes, you heard it right, a programmable blocks kit.

SB Components micro:bit Starter kit for beginners is designed to explore new things by experiment making new models and programming them with a micro:bit. In this kit, you will get more than 260 building blocks through which beginners can make up to 9 different models with the manuals with micro:bit as the core controller. This kit includes a micro:bit expansion board, battery, motor, and other electronic components. The building blocks are also compatible with LEGO, that if you are interested in building blocks and want to learn to program, this building block will be a good choice.

SB Components make this product unique and different from the other products by combining all electronics components with the building blocks so that users can control or program different things such as infrared remote control, obstacle avoidance, tracking, colourful lights and other functions.

It basically focuses on indulging every kid and/or the techie to play and have fun along with learning to program. It gives a boost at learning programming with micro:bit and playing along.

Things You Can Make With The STEM:BIT

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The Stem:bit is made by keeping in mind the importance of STEM subjects for students. Stem:Bit is a collection of building blocks which can be reshaped in different shapes. Stem:Bit is about exploring creativity in students. The most important feature of Stem:Bit is that it can be programmed with easy drag and drop boxes called block programming.

This extension is meant to program Stem:Bit, however, its blocks can be used for interfacing sensors and motors separately.

What You Will Learn

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Additionally, you will learn the simple yet practical IoT theory, interfacing of different sensors, and making robotic movements with the structures enhancing the robotics concepts.

MakeCode extension for Stem Bit by SB Components
Github link https://github.com/sbcshop/pxt-stembit.git

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