Design and layout coordinator

micro:mag is the unofficial micro:bit community magazine written by the community and managed by a small but mighty team of dedicated community volunteers. We are based all around the UK and we’re a sub product of RaspiKidd, a company based in Scotland that provide coding workshops for disadvantaged kids. Our free digital magazine is read by thousands of people all around the world by a variety of people from all ages and backgrounds. We release a new issue every 3 months.

We are committed volunteers who strive to create the best magazine we can for the community. We’re a friendly group of people who are dedicated to what we do, and we hope this is something the community can see. We volunteer anywhere between 3 hours or more a week making sure that the magazine runs smoothly. We all have different backgrounds of experience, some of us are software developers and even some are Makerspace Directors, we all have something to “bring to the table”.

As our Design and layout coordinator, you will lead all design processes for micro:mag reporting to our head editor and then to the rest of the team. You’ll deliver high quality designs for our social media, web and our magazine. You’ll also lead the process of creating a new design for micro:mag, making it a more professional looking magazine. Other work could include document design, branding & social media assets. We’re looking for someone who’s had experience in design work before and can show some work that we’re really happy with.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who has an eye for design and is passionate about the coding community.

Please note this position is unpaid, this goes for all of our roles.

Duties for Design and layout coordinator include:

  • Producing magazine page layouts
  • Producing a proffesional design for the magazine
  • Creating eye catching social media branding and promotional items as and when we need them
  • Maintaining a consistent identity for the brand
  • Working with the team to create branding everyone is happy with
  • Answering the odd email from our community over design related issues

It’d be nice to have someone that:

  • Is a passionate member of the micro:bit community
  • Is familiar with the magazine
  • Has a keen passion for design

Required experience:

  • Experience of working in a team of volunteers
  • Experience of using Affinity Publisher or Adobe InDesign for creating magazine layouts
  • Experience of using design tools like Illustrator/Inkscape or any other equivalent
  • Design work for other projects

If you’d like to apply for Design and layout coordinator, fill in the form here: Design and Layout coordinator – Application form