The creation of Z-Palm Tree

The creation of Z-Palm Tree

Zayd Nashed
Zayd Nashed

The creation of Z-Palm Tree (smart palm tree)

Have you ever wondered what would the tree tell you if it could talk?  Well, you will know the answer in my project.

This year I've won in the Do Your :bit challenge with creation to help the most important goal in my opinion which is life on land.

What is my creation?

My project is a talking Palm tree that can be interactive with people to tell them its needs.
This project can help my community by building a strong relationship between the tree and humans and let citizens understand the trees needs and help it to stay green and safe.

Where did I get this inspiration from?

I got this project idea from a video about trees on BBC Ideas website showing how trees are talking with each other by their roots; in addition, when I watched the movie Harry Potter and I saw how some trees moved and shouted protecting themselves from getting injured.
So, I thought to build a device that makes the trees speak our language to let us understand the trees needs

Since I am living in Saudi Arabia where the most popular tree is the Palm tree, and it was chosen as a logo for the country, I decided to apply my project on it.

My project has many features

Being friendly: It makes the tree speak and be interactive with the person in front of it. In addition, it can even make the tree show its feelings and emotions.
Also, it can tell us some information about the tree and the environment temperature when we press on a button.

Cutting alarm: The device can even sense if the tree is getting cut by using a vibration sensor, and the tree will shout. (Help! someone is cutting me)

Fire alarm: The device can also sense if there is fire and call on the phone by using the IoT services. In addition, it will make the tree shout (Help! fire)

Soil moisture alarm: The owner of the tree will have an app downloaded on his phone (I programmed the application by using MIT APP) which will inform him if the tree needs water or not. If the tree needs water, a button will appear on MIT mobile application to turn on the water pump and provide water to the tree. In addition, when the tree needs water, it would speak asking for it.

Kinds of connections I included
1.Radio:  to connect micro:bit to micro:bit
2. Bluetooth: to connect micro:bit to MIT App
3. Networking: to connect the micro:bit to other micro:bit using(wires) (I used this kind of connection because I can't use Bluetooth and radio extension at the same time)
4. Internet connection: to connect micro:bit with internet for IoT services.

Electronics inside Z-Palm Tree

Things and tools I used to make this project

Three micro:bits, cardboard, MAX 7219 LED matrix, one Servo, arcade buttons, vibration sensor, distance sensor, flame sensor, ESP8266 IOT sensor, Mp3 player extension, micro:bit pins extensions, speaker, MIT APP Inventor, moisture sensor, water pump, batteries, relay, and wires.

Finally, You can take a closer look at the project demonstration video below.