micro:mag is powered by you, our readers and community. Which is why the majority of articles we publish are written by members of the community.

If you've made a micro:bit powered project, big or small, we want an article from you!

If you're running a micro:bit event, meetup or have micro:bit news to share, we want an article from you!

If you've got a cool product to showcase, we also want to hear from you!

The wider range of articles we receive the better, so if you'd like to write an article for us, here's how.

Read the guidelines

We've created a small set of guidelines that covers stuff like word count, image permissions and how to write your article. We encourage you to read them before submitting an article to us. It's crucial that you read these as they include important information about how to include images and how to export your article for submission.

Read the guidelines

Let us know about your article

It's really helpful if you let us know about your article before you start writing. This way we can contact you if we feel it doesn't fit micro:mag or if we want to discuss the article with you in more detail. If we like your article proposal, we'll send you an email giving you the go ahead to start writing!

To let us know about your article, you'll need to fill in a form via our "Apollo" system. You can access the form below. Simply give us your name, email, article title as well as a category you think best suits your article and we'll receive it within our system.

Go to the contribute form

Submit your article

Once your article is written, you'll need to send it to us, again using our "Apollo" system.

It's really important that you export your article as a .txt (Preferably UTF-8) file or in Markdown. Images along with other assets must be sent via a Google Drive/Dropbox etc link so we get them in high quality. In your article simply refer to the filename of the image to indicate the placement of it.

Once you've got that all sorted, head on over to the form below to submit your article to us. We'll then edit it and get back to you about publication!

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