Coding with micro:bit for teachers

Coding with micro:bit for teachers

Joshua Lowe
Joshua Lowe

Hong Kong based teacher and community member, Stu Lowe, has released a brand new series on using the micro:bit for teachers.

The series can be found on the MakeCode website

The video series is 9 parts long and covers everything educators need to know about phsyical computing with the micro:bit.

Some of the topics covered in the series are:

  • How to use the micro:bit
  • LED lights
  • Neopixels
  • Music
  • Motors
  • Variables
  • Making a virtual pet
  • Making a dice

If you're a teacher looking to get started with the BBC micro:bit in your classroom and want some ideas for practical hands-on activities, this is a great place to get started.

For more ideas, you can also check out Stu's other projects on his Twitter feed, there are some really cool projects over there that will hopefully inspire you even more.

To watch the series for free, head on over to the YouTube playlist or the Makecode for micro:bit website.