Issue Three

Posted by micromag on January 19, 2019
Category: Latest Issue
Today, we’re excited to announce the release of micro:mag Issue 3! We’ve got an amazing Issue for you this time round, packed full of amazing articles by our awesome community. Here is a quick look at what we’ve got to offer this time round. Enjoy Issue 3! 10 Amazing micro:bit Projects! This issues Cover feature is “10 Amazing micro:bit Projects”. We’ve gathered together 10 of our favourite micro:bit projects we’ve seen doing the rounds of

Skulls or Snakes? – A game of chance

Posted by Les Pounder on November 17, 2018
Category: Make
Head or tails? A game where you have a 1 in 2 chance of winning, has been used to decide many things such as who kicks off at a football/soccer match and who gets the last sweet in the bag. In this project, we shall create our own digital game of chance using a micro:bit and a few blocks of code to decideā€¦ Skulls or Snakes?! For this project, we shall be using the Javascript

Issue Two

Posted by micromag on October 6, 2018
Category: Issue
The all new micro:mag Issue Two is here! We’ve got an improved design and a glorious 96 pages of content for you to enjoy, here’s a sneak peek of what we have to offer this issue, enjoy! Scratch + micro:bit This issues Cover feature is all about Scratch 3.0 and it’s new micro:bit blocks. We’ve got all sorts of things for you in the new and exciting cover feature. Michael Rimicans teaches us the basics

Issue One

Posted by micromag on June 29, 2018
Category: Issue
The first issue of micro:mag is here! micro:bits In Libraries In this issues cover article, Michael Rimicans is giving us some insight into the micro:bit in libraries scheme. You can now loan out micro:bits in hundreds of UK libraries, giving more people the chance to get hands on with computer science. micro:bit in Wonderland We got the chance to exclusively interview the authors of micro:bit in wonderland. This amazing book which is based on the